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Are you tired of hearing that you can not have your own page that YOU created on social networking “people” Web sites?  Hamsters, Horses, Rabbits, Goats, and the list of pets goes on, keep asking why do Dogs and Cats get all the attention? Are you unhappy with the photos selected by your Pet Parent to show their friends and put on their Web sites? Would you like the world to know what you are thinking?  Need new friends? Need a new loving family? Want your own Blog?

MyPetsYearBook is where you can be yourself, create your own YearBook page, Autograph other Pets’ pages and collect your own Autographs, brag a little, find some new friends, write some fun stuff for your very own Blog or just hang out and have a giggle or two.

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Pet Friendly News and Views

As a Pet Friendly Real Estate Agent your first reflex has to be to make certain the dog does not make a break for freedom to visit his friends down the street.  For the moment you must forget the horrified look on your Buyer’s face or the Seller’s voice telling you that “her dog has never done that...

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Naples, FL
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" Waiting to see if anyone at the office is serving Milk Bones for my morning snack "
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